Purearth’s Beauty Shot – What a Shottie!

This shot may be small but it has incredible health benefits and will keep you on track the whole day. What a Shottie – Beauty shot from Purearth is packed with the highest antioxidant dense foods you can find, MSM, Apple cider vinegar, berries and fruits in a very specific amount which gives the body the perfect dose of vitamin C to boost the skin. This great combination of super foods will help you to look and feel great.

So what makes this shot special? It contains MSM, also known as the miracle supplement, which is an organic Sulfur. Sulfur is a component of four amino acids found in joints, hair, nails and skin. MSM improves the collagen and creatine production which will keep hair, skin and nails looking their best. And if that wasn’t enough, it is also detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and can help to fight eczema, acne and psoriasis. Reduce joint pain and rebuild tissue.

Apple cider vinegar known for its many health benefits, has been used for hundreds of years to cure all sorts of things. A few that are supported by science are that it kills bacteria and prevents germ growth, lowers blood sugar levels and cholesterol. It’s an energy booster and it helps with digestion which can lead to weight loss.

The antioxidants from the fruit and berries prevents the harmful consequences of too much Oxidative stress, boosts your memory, immune system and general health. This powerful, natural and live shot will work wonder on both the inside and outside. And it is of course sugar free as with all Purearth’s products. Start everyday with What a Shottie – Beauty shot to boost your immune system and supercharge your skin.