There's nothing quite like a good night's sleep, but do we really know what this means?

Is a good night's sleep a long sleep? A deep sleep? Can we ‘catch up’ with our sleep?  Modern day life is attacking our sleep like never before. Exposure to blue light, higher alcohol and caffeine consumption and stress are all guilty culprits in disrupting our daily rest, making it harder to not only fall to sleep, but achieve sleep of a decent quality.
Why is sleep important?
As we sleep, our body repairs muscles, replenishes energy stores and releases hormones that regulate growth and appetite, while our minds organise and store the memories of the day before. It is important that we get enough sleep so that these functions can be completed. Sleep also needs to be uninterrupted and of a high enough quality. Without decent sleep, our bodies do not fully regenerate and repair.
Regular poor sleep puts you at risk of serious medical conditions, including obesity, heart disease and diabetes and above all can shorten your life expectancy. However, regular quality sleep can boost immunit…

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Presenting PRISM LIGHTS: Bring back your child-like blonde

Having glossy, coloured hair is sometimes difficult to achieve. Luckily, the PRISM LIGHTS is an innovative technique which uplifts the face. Its ‘whisper-light’ application creates light-reflecting colour giving the gloss and shine which is often so hard to achieve with coloured hair. PRISM LIGHTS are ‘free painted’ onto the hair in fine strands, with lights concentrated around the mid-lengths and through the root. The ends of the hair are then also free-painted by layering two tones of subtly lighter shades resulting in a seamless look.
The magic of PRISM LIGHTS lies in its special light reflecting abilities. The pioneer of this technique, Christel Lundqvist, is the three time winner of the Colour Technician of the Year Award. Her expertise is demonstrated beautifully in this technique with the prism method allowing the light to 'open up’ and stream through the hair, bouncing off the cuticle six times more than it normally would, giving your face a halo of radiance. In order to a…